MNT Reform USB Keyboard (Standalone)

A compact and slim mechanical keyboard designed for comfort and portability.

Available in 6 psychedelic finishes: 6 shades of weighty, anodized aluminum or translucent polycarbonate.

Robust laser-etched legends and dimmable WLED backlight on all keys (except Space). Smooth but exact haptics: custom FKcaps MBK concave keycaps. Kailh Choc Brown tactile (non-clicky) keyswitches.

Innovative layout with simplified stagger and only two different keyshapes. Split spacebar makes stabilizers unnecessary. Currently with QWERTY-US layout.

Includes detachable stand that doubles as a handle: mount or detach the stand with 2 screws to adjust the typing angle.

Completely open hardware and open-source firmware. N-Key rollover: Diodes on every keyswitch prevent ghosting. Controller: ATmega32U4 with open source firmware based on LUFA. Easy to update via USB.

128x32 customizable OLED menu: display anything you want by simply writing raw HID reports (/dev/hidraw on Linux).

Works with any computer with USB: The keyboard has a single USB-C port with USB2.0 signalling.

In the Box

  • MNT Reform USB-C Keyboard
  • Detachable stand/carrying handle with screws
  • 1m USB-C cable

Dimensions: 28.5cm x 13.1cm x 1.7cm
Weight (Aluminum version): 650g
Weight (Polycarbonate version): 455g

Keyboards are now in stock and shipping while supplies last (Updated on 2021-11-29). Restock expected February 2022.

Custom pineapple leather (Piñatex, vegan) sleeve coming soon.

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MNT Reform USB Keyboard (Standalone)