ZZ9000 Heatsink

To ensure a long life of your ZZ9000, use this highly recommended add-on.

LTN20069 is a passive heatsink for the ZZ9000's main ZYNQ chip:

- Just peel off the foil on the back to reveal thermal adhesive. - Firmly press adhesive side on the ZYNQ chip on ZZ9000.

The exact model is Vakefield-Vette LTN20069. If you're not in Europe, you might be able to get it cheaper from other distributors: Octopart LTN20069

Up and coming firmware 1.7.0 will include temperature monitoring, also available to the Amiga side.

Note 1: If you're running ZZ9000 in a crowded, closed case, please use a case fan for proper ventilation.

Note 2: If you already have a ZZ9000 on order for the current or upcoming batch, you don't need to buy this — it's already included.

ZZ9000 Heatsink