ZZ9000 for Amiga Preorder

ZZ9000 is the successor to the VA2000 Amiga graphics card. But it can do more than just graphics: based on the Xilinx ZYNQ XC7Z020 chip, it features not only a powerful 7-series FPGA, but also 2 ARM Cortex-A9 cores and DDR3 memory.

  • RTG: Up to 1920x1080 FHD screen resolution at 8bit 256-colors "Chunky", 16bit or 32bit color depths
  • Enhanced VA2000CX Amiga native video passthrough functionality with AGA support (scandoubler with interlace flicker-fixer)
  • Dual 666MHz ARM Cortex A9 coprocessors to offload computing tasks like JPEG, MP3 decoding and graphics acceleration
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM
  • Ethernet interface: Get your Amiga online
  • SD Card interface (for firmware updates, not currently usable from AmigaOS)
  • For Amiga 2000, 3000 and 4000 (Zorro 2 and 3 compatible)
  • Drivers, firmware and schematics are open sourced: https://source.mntmn.com/MNT
  • Includes ZZ9000CX video slot capture card with cable
  • Includes metal slot bracket
  • Includes a minimal SDK with C examples for running ARM code from AmigaOS
  • Note: USB port will not be active at shipping time. Support for it is part of a later update.

Status (October 4, 2019): Batch 1 is shipped to customers. Batch 2 is in production and will ship in December 2019. Several firmware updates have been released that increased the graphics and network performance of ZZ9000 substantially.

Batch 3 pre-order is now open and limited to 100 units. Depending on how quickly pre-orders are filled, we expect to ship the batch in Jan/Feb 2020.

Planned new feature for Batch 3 is to make the USB port useful from the Amiga in some way and Amiga 500 compatibility incl. video capturing via a new cable. This functionality will also be backported to Batch 1 and 2 owners.

Important: To use ZZ9000 with Amiga 500, you need a Zorro II adapter like Rob Cranley's Z-500 or the Checkmate 1500 Zorro adapter.

More technical information: đź”—https://mntre.com/zz9000

Updates are posted on đź”—Twitter and đź”—Mastodon.

ZZ9000 for Amiga Preorder