MNT Reform Beta 3 1.0 GHz Limited Early Supporter Kit

MNT Reform is a free and open source modular computing platform.

We are offering a limited number (10x 1GHz, 5x 1.2GHz) of hand-built Reform Beta 3 units to pre-order for early supporters and enthusiasts. If you want to help us push the project forward by testing and hacking on the device as early as possible, this is your ticket.

  • Repair it yourself with simple 3D printed parts and the hardware store
  • Thoroughly understand it on the electrical, mechanical and software levels
  • Take it apart, modify and upgrade it without regret
  • Reclaim your privacy and security: No microphone, camera or management engine
  • Read the details and get updates

Expected Delivery, Customization

(Updated 2018-07-02) We expect to ship mid of August 2018. Optimized system images with Debian Linux will be provided along with full source and documentation for building such images. Customization options including colors will be made available during the next weeks after pre-ordering on an individual basis. Please note that this is not an end-consumer item but a beta development platform. Order only if you are willing to deal with potential compatibility problems and flaws, and if you're willing to help with testing and improving Reform.


  • NXP i.MX6QP: 4x ARM Cortex A9 Cores at 1.0 GHz, Vivante GC3000 GPU
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • Reprogrammable slim mechanical keyboard (Cherry ML keys)
  • Reprogrammable optical trackball
  • 5x USB2.0 (2 external, 3 internal)
  • HDMI connector
  • LVDS connector (driving 1366x768 IPS 11" panel, included)
  • Full-length MiniPCIe slot
  • SATA-2 connector for SSD (disk not included)
  • Gigabit Ethernet connector
  • Bootable Micro SD-Card slot
  • SPI, I2C, GPIO connectors (internal)
  • SIM-card slot
  • SGTL5000 soundchip with headphone connector, internal line connectors
  • LiFePo4 charger (for single 10Ah cell, included)
  • Size: 29cm x 20.3cm x 4.5cm; Weight TBA

MNT Reform Beta 3 1.0 GHz Limited Early Supporter Kit


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