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MNT VA2000 Amiga Graphics Card (Zorro II/III)


Image of MNT VA2000 Amiga Graphics Card (Zorro II/III)
  • Image of MNT VA2000 Amiga Graphics Card (Zorro II/III)
  • Image of MNT VA2000 Amiga Graphics Card (Zorro II/III)
  • Image of MNT VA2000 Amiga Graphics Card (Zorro II/III)

This is a Pre-Order of Batch 3. A shipping timeline has not been fixed yet. A few months of waiting time are possible.

Batch 2 Pre-Orders Shipping March/April 2017!

The VA2000 is a FPGA based graphics card for Amiga 2000/3000/4000 computers featuring high resolutions and color depth over DVI-D/HDMI. It has a hacker-friendly expansion header for upgrades and custom mods and features a slot for MicroSD cards that can be mounted in AmigaOS.

The professional quality production version is a collaboration of MNT's Lukas F. Hartmann and Scarab Hardware, makers of the miniSpartan 6+.

  • Up to 1280x720p HD screen resolution at 8bit 256-colors "Chunky", 16bit or 32bit color depths.
  • Experimental 1920x1080 Full HD screen resolution if your monitor supports 30Hz.
  • Other supported resolutions: 320x200, 320x240, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768
  • Tested with applications like IBrowse, Netsurf, MysticView, PPaint, TVPaint, Frogger (Video player) and games like ADoom, Abuse, ScummVM (play Full Throttle on your Amiga!)
  • DVI-D / HDMI graphics output
  • RTG compatible driver (Requires 68020 or better CPU)
  • MicroSD card reader (use MicroSD volumes in AmigaOS)
  • Uses 4MB of Zorro II address space or 32MB of Zorro III for graphics memory, the most on any Amiga graphics card
  • Amiga Autoconfig(TM) compatible
  • Autosensing Zorro II/III compatibility
  • User upgradeable Spartan 6 LX25 FPGA core (flash from Linux/Windows machine via USB port)
  • Completely Open Source: https://github.com/mntmn/amiga2000-gfxcard
  • Recognized by latest boards.library
  • Officially supported by Amiga NetBSD 7
  • Reported to work on Amiga 500 and GBA computer with Zorro adapter and turbo card
  • Get drivers and firmware updates at http://mntmn.com/va2000

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at lukas@mntmn.com.